Founded in 2012 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morood Holding is a privately held and independent institutional investor with portfolios across multiple sectors and asset classes.

Partnering with leading entrepreneurs, prominent institutions and business groups in Saudi Arabia and internationally, Morood Holding holds investments in real estate, healthcare, food & beverage, entertainment and energy.

“We are focused on achieving strong risk-adjusted returns in our investments. Balancing our entrepreneurial spirit with careful analysis and rigorous due diligence, we look for opportunities with value and synergy.”

Mohammed Al Nemer, Chief Executive Officer of Morood Holding



Our commitment to integrity and ethical business conduct strengthens our relationship with co-investors, partners and professionals who work with us. It is what differentiates us and it’s why we attract best-in-class partners and opportunities.


We believe that in order to achieve the best outcome, we must work with professionals who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields and invest in building long-term relationships with our partners.


We are known to be diligent. From thoroughly reviewing every aspect of a deal through to acquisition and management, we are hands-on every step of the way.